The Alliance was founded out of frustration from other groups where a majority of the members didn't play on a regular basis, if at all (over half of our previous Alliance hasn't played in over a year, sometimes two).  We want the game to be fun and stress-free, while also not being so unenthused that the active members are held back by others who are not participating.

The ground rules for the Alliance are:

  1. This is a game.  Real Life comes first.  No one should be ruining their lives, jobs, relationships, finances, etc. playing MPQ.
  2. We aim to be a fun, friendly, and casual group.  While most of us are probably geeks / nerds who like to obsess over things like comic books, don't bring the negative aspects of that culture into this group.
    1. No gatekeeping / knowledge shaming / "my fave is better than yours" drama.
    2. We're accepting of everyone, except assholes, bigots, and Dire Wraiths.
      1. If that wasn't clear, that means we're LGBTQ+ friendly, PoC friendly, and respectful of other people as long as they're respectful of us in return.
      2. Tolerance & Respect are a Social Contract.  If you're not tolerant & respectful of others, don't expect to be tolerated & respected.
  3. If you need something, communicate.  Unlike the X-Men, we're not telepaths.  If you're going to be gone for a while for a vacation, medical emergency, etc., drop the Alliance a line so we know, and we'll hold your spot for you while you deal with life.
    1. Simple communication is better than burning bridges.
  4. Participation: The aim of these rules is to strike a balance between the game becoming hyper-focused and demanding (leading to "second job" syndrome and burnout), and so laid back that it's a bloated corpse (no one plays, so there's no point in being a member).  It is the intent of the Commanders to clearly communicate expectations, so there is as little confusion or drama as possible.
    1. If you are gone for more than two weeks without notice, your spot will be forfeit and you will be removed from the Alliance.
      1. If you need to stop playing for a long time, let us know, and we can gracefully let you depart, and will welcome you back if / when you return if you want.
    2. Players are expected to contribute a minimum of 200,000 points to a Boss Battle.  This ensures that everyone who participates gets a shot at the high-end rewards.
      1. The Commanders will keep a screenshot / tally of scores at the end of each event.  Players that contribute less than the minimum for 3 events in a row will be asked to leave the Alliance.
      2. The more people that participate early on in the event, the easier it is to earn points and get the top prize.  It is absolutely essential that the Alliance as a whole gains enough momentum early in the event (Thursday & Friday), so that individuals can reach the Player Rewards top prize in the later stages.
      3. We're not asking you to wake up at 4:00 AM EST to play rounds as they start - we're not going for Alliance ranking & placement.  But if some players don't chip in, those that do contribute are held back.
  5. We're not PvP / Versus centric.  You're welcome to play in them, and we'll gladly back you up as best we can, but we're not going to focus on PvP rewards as an Alliance.